The Dream

A vision for an open-source storyverse.

When we were young, how awesome it would have been if the creators of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or X-Men would have allowed any fan to join the story with there own character.

We have developed a way for readers and creators of all ages to build a multiverse together; and teleport into stories like never before. What started off as a writer's dream to create an open-source storyverse has turned into a powerful StoryVerse API, where every user has an equal opportunity to become a co-author of an epic saga.

Imagine Pokemon on the level of Marvel

The concept which has allowed open-source platforms to succeed is the willingness to allow users all over the world to participate in development. We have applied this concept to a fictional multiverse as a global experiment for change.

While this is a new concept, we believe it will grow naturally, because it will appeal to all those who share in the dream of doing something to inspire humanity.

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